A Neo Noir New Year’s

“We made a deal.  If she’d stop hooking, I’d stop shooting people.  Maybe we were both aiming high.”   

So ends the movie Payback, in which Mel Gibson (aka Porter) concludes with a pledge to lead a reformed life.  Few New Year’s resolutions reach such levels of lofty black.

As we enter the promise of a New Year, with its sense of fresh optimism, infinite possibility, and bright hope, let us not forget that our views of life are relative, each cast in its own context of past, present, and future, and each forever understood within a personal cosmos that admits possibilities that are limited, but only limited, by private imagination.

Will Porter reach his goal?

There’s a hope, even in this darkest of neo film noir films, that Porter has a chance at success.

And, in as much as this Dark Everyman may achieve redemption, perhaps there’s hope for each of us.

In the First Days of August, the book ends with an uncertain promise.   Is there only black, or is there a chance for better?

In response to concerns I’ve heard from some readers, I must point out that the book is entitled – indeed – The First Days of August.  It would seem the very title implies the possibility for more days, after these first dark few.

But, as the author, I don’t think it’s prudent to promise anything.  It would be foolish for me to speculate too much about the future, when it is merely mine to humbly record the present.

So, dear reader, let me join you in welcoming the year 2016.   The future starts now.  We remember the past, we experience the present, and we embrace tomorrow.  

From another film, the extraordinary classic Lawrence of Arabia, please let me remind you of the timeless words spoken by Peter O’Toole (T.E. Lawrence):  “Nothing is written.”  

In response, however, Lawrence’s friend, Omar Sharif (Sherif Ali), later acknowledges, “Truly, for some men, nothing is written, unless THEY write it.”

Indeed, so it is, for each of us.  Nothing is written, unless we write it.  

Go in peace and happiness into 2016 – our shared, mutual future.  Write well.

It is now January.

August awaits.

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