The First Days of August

first days of augustYoung scientist uncovers miracle cure secrets in new novel.

Debut author Alan Froning spins web of conspiracy, deceit in new fiction ‘The First Days of August’

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. – A young scientist lands his dream job, only to discover secrets he never, ever should have learned.
Protagonist Steve August then embarks on a journey to solve this mystery in the new thriller novel from author Alan Froning, “The First Days of August” (published by Archway Publishing).
Steve considers himself lucky to land a job with the world-famous Angion Laboratory, headed by George MacGregor, a prominent scientist-turned-entrepreneur. To prove his worth as a new employee, he works himself to the point of exhaustion, only that night to overhear a dangerously explosive secret.
Steve can’t help but investigate; but the more he explores, the more he’s entangled in a web of deceit surrounding the lab’s prized product, Angiotox, a purported miracle cure for brain cancer. Meanwhile, Steve’s girlfriend, Morgan, finds herself lost in a related maze of corruption at her corporate law firm in New York.
Will Steve find the answers he seeks about Angiotox before he’s found out? Readers are left in suspense until this medical thriller’s exciting finale, when Steve confronts a riveting life-or-death conclusion.