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"In Froning’s debut medical thriller, a neurosurgical resident joins a drug research team that stumbles on a murderous conspiracy.

Dr. Steve August is excited by the prospect of working for the Angion Corporation, a private biotech company developing a purported cure for brain cancer called Angiotox. Angion has had positive early results, but Steve’s experiments with mice lead him to speculate that the drug may be ineffective. Scientist George MacGregor, who’s Angion’s principal owner, and mobster/financier Antonio Calibri really need Angiotox to work as a meeting with Swiss investors looms. Calibri’s thuggish henchman, Michael Riker, starts monitoring Steve and his attorney girlfriend, Morgan Najar—just in case Angion needs to ensure the neurosurgeon’s silence. This thriller is a medical mystery with the juicy bits of an espionage story. The Angiotox question soon takes a back seat to all sorts of shady goings-on. The story includes an apparent bum who seems to be shadowing Steve; a blackmailer; and James Bond-esque gadgetry, such as a “Wall-Walker” that can listen to people’s conversations and track their movements. After the Science Service, an odd gathering of scientists led by MacGregor, and government agent Winston Schmidt wiggle their way into the story, it becomes more about Steve’s survival than exposing the truth about Angiotox. Froning offers quite a few additional subplots, and they’re often unpredictable; even the bad guys are surprised when someone sends Morgan shocking photos, for example. Steve is a solid protagonist who, at one point, endures a covert psychological assault involving sleep deprivation; his shrewd counterattack makes for a rousing turn. The villains are likewise indelible: MacGregor is frighteningly methodical, Riker is sadistic and merciless, and Calibri’s tendency to draw out his S’s (“Yesss”) is reminiscent of a hissing snake’s. The climax is nearly overloaded with characters, but Froning still manages to resolve things with a fantastic coda.

A confident story that keeps its plot and protagonist moving—and its readers reading."

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This book was a little different from books I typically read. The thing that really struck a chord with me was the fact that it is written about a topic dear to me, cancer and the research/race to cure. My initial interest was due to the subject matter but as I got deeper into the book the characters and plotline are so engaging I could not help but keep reading. Although this book deals with a medical/scientific matter, readers who would typically shy away from these subjects should think twice as the story is interesting, exciting and so much more than medicine and science! - Amazon Customer on May 6, 2016

Dr. Fronings first book is a real page turner. It grabs you right from the start. There are plenty of twists and turns all leading up to a roller coaster ride ending. The book is a combination of The Firm and Coma with a little bit of Eyes Wide Shut thrown in. The ending leaves you wanting more and I suspect that is exactly what Dr. Froning has in mind. If you like Medical thrillers, this is the book for you. - Maypos on February 24, 2016

This book is a ton of fun. Steve Leland August is a serious, studious neurosurgical resident with a James Bond alter-ego that is unleashed when his professional & scientific credibility are threatened by several ambitious, power hungry & greedy characters from the worlds of medicine, research, business & finance. And there is also a scrumptiously creepy mafia don to deal with! When Steve & his girlfriend team up to do battle with the bad guys, it is reminiscent of Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie in "Mr. & Mrs. Smith". Northern New Englanders will feel @ home in the Boston & New Hampshire locales of much of the book & others may be tempted to visit these northern climes. If you are travelling (to northern New England or not) in the near future, this is just the book to lose yourself in during the flight. And when you finish the last page, you will find yourself wondering when the next days of August will be forthcoming. - Anna on March 8, 2016

Great characters, grabbed me right from the start. Constant action, but well planned and not over done. Better than Cook for the science, better than Baldashi for the drama. Look forward to the next book, I hope Alan becomes a prolific writer! Great job! - Deborah Churchill on November 16, 2015

Amazing ... a firstling for the author, but the book certainly doesn't disappoint. Initially I was hesitant to give it a try, but I'm glad I did. A disconcerting topic, described professionally and compellingly. The only problem: it's not a bedtime narcotic - you have difficulty getting to sleep. The reality of it all goes bump in the night. - Criag Crandall on October 7, 2015

The above reviews are so well-stated and clearly describe why this book is a must-read. I'm leary of writing my first Amazon review (ever) but I have to say that this book is fascinating. I HAD to read it in one weekend. I was supposed to send my copy to a friend when I finished it, and I'll have to buy another because I have dog-eared pages with words I need to read again. I would write more, but I can't write like Alan Froning, so I'll just strongly encourage you to read his book. - Lozano on December 28, 2015

A page turner. Engaging characters, great read for a long flight or other situations where you don't plan to sleep. Save it for a weekend if you otherwise need to go to work. Waiting for the sequel. - Eddy on September 25, 2015